Docu Series

EP1: "Ok, So you have Cancer"

Shonel is diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. Scared for her life and what this means for her family, she turns to Google but fails to find any survival stories to offer her hope. Shonel sets out on her treatment path determined to be the success story she couldn't find.

EP2: "Taking Control"

Shonel starts her treatment with a mix of chemotherapy, wholefood diet, cannabis oil and juicing. As chemo starts, Shonel decides to take control of her situation through shaving her head.

EP3: "Living with Cancer"

Shonel meets with her oncologist before her second round of chemo. Hot flushes, broken fingernails and brain fog; the side effects of chemotherapy start to set in.

EP4: "Cancer Amplifies Everything"

Shonel struggles with the toll her cancer journey is taking on her relationships with her husband and kids.

EP5: "Some Good News"

Shonel meets with her surgeon after an MRI who delivers the news that treatment is working with amazing results. Shonel receives the results of her BRCA 1 gene test.

EP6: "Cancer during a Pandemic"

As the COVID 19 virus starts to spread across the globe; Shonel contends with what it means to be considered high-risk during a pandemic.

EP7: "Under the Knife"

After a few weeks to recover from chemo, Shonel goes under the knife to remove any leftover cancer.

EP8: "Radiation"

Initially feeling apprehensive, Shonel embarks on the last step of her mainstream treatment journey with four weeks of daily radiation whilst further exploring alternative supports.

EP9: "Cancer Free"

After completing her last round of radiation shonel reflects back on the whirlwind of the last 12months and contemplates what the future looks like

"Life on Standby" - Official trailer

LIFE ON STANDBY is a 9 part docu series that follows the journey of Shonel. A successful stylist, wife and mother of two children diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at 36. We take an intimate and unique look through Shonel’s own eyes as she juggles treatment, family, covid and the emotional strain that comes with cancer.