Through developing an aggressive breast cancer twice by the age of 38, Shonel Bryant decided to turn inwards to explore the depths of herself and her fears so she could heal from the inside.


Whilst undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and having multiple surgeries she did ‘the emotional work’ (and continues to), in an attempt to strip back the layers and find her authentic self. All while recording a docu series called ‘Life on Standby’ to share the intimacies of cancer through her eyes whilst she went through her first cancer experience.


In the process she uncomfortably sat with her feelings of not being understood, feeling isolated and found a deep longing to connect with others. 'Support your Girls' was born to bring people together through being vulnerable and creating a safe space for others to have a voice, to feel seen and heard.


Through this, Shonel learned the true value of connection, honouring her needs and setting clear boundaries. This community she has been building over the last year has not only supported them in a significant way, but it truly holds her when she is down. It’s healing her in the most unexpected of ways.


This platform has become a force. A force of likeminded souls who are curious about life, suffering and all aspects of healing. We rally together to heal not only ourselves but each other.


Through selling slogan tees with this clear message ‘Support your Girls’ (meaning breasts and each other) she is starting an important conversation around Breast/Pec self checks. With 50% of the funds from her purchases going towards setting up a youth education program on the importance of self-checks and information regarding cancer prevention.


We acknowledge that breast cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither do we, this platform is dedicated to all womxn, non-binary folx and genders.

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